Wheel Alignments

wheel alignments
Image by ThamKC from bigstockphoto.com

If you’ve started notice signs that your vehicle is not driving smoothly, it could be an issue with your wheel alignment. Whether your car, truck or SUV is pulling to the side or you notice excess vibrations on a smooth road, these are indications of a misaligned vehicle. When your wheels are out of alignment, it can create excessive wear and tear on your tread. It can also make the car seem to pull to one side which can result in inefficient handling. Before you decide whether or not you need a wheel alignment, bring your vehicle to the pros at Techway Automotive for a full inspection and diagnostics.

There can be many reasons why your car is out of alignment. Some of the most common causes include driving over potholes, city driving in general, or even hitting a curb. This type of impact can cause your wheels to slowly become knocked out of their proper alignment, resulting in a very unpleasant driving experience. If it’s ignored, it may also cause a lot of excess wear on the tires themselves. This means you’ll end up paying a lot more money to have your tires completely replaced.

At Techway Automotive, we have the tools, skills, and technology to get your vehicle back in alignment. From minor adjustments to major ones, we’ll make sure that everything is straightened out again. A misaligned vehicle can also be less fuel efficient, which will also cost you money over time. Wheel alignments are affordable and a good part of proper vehicle preventative maintenance. It’s worth the upfront cost to save you the headaches you could face later.

Some people may confuse the difference between balancing and alignments, especially since both of these can present similar symptoms. Let our professional mechanics take a closer look at your wheels and tires so we can determine which type of service you need. You can add better balance to your wheels by applying lead weights to the rims. This process helps to cut down on excess vibration, especially when you drive at high speeds on the highway. If your steering wheel is shaking, this is likely an issue with misalignment. We’ll be able to quickly diagnose the issue and determine which service will solve your problem best.

A simple inspection is the best way for any car owner to determine what type of repair or service they will need. When you bring your vehicle to us, we can determine exactly what’s needed to get you driving safely. Don’t forget to see us for all your preventative maintenance needs, too! From oil changes to brake inspections, we’ve got you covered. We’re happy to provide you with a list of recommended repairs based on your vehicle’s unique needs.

For all your automotive service and repair needs, visit Techway Automotive located in Blakely, GA or give us a call to schedule your appointment today!